Why High Quality Lighting is Essential for Your Grocery Store’s Food Display Cases

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There is nothing worse than a dark and shadowy food display case in your grocery store, which of course defeats the purpose of the display. Fortunately, lighting manufacturers present a variety of options for bringing your food display case to life. Whether you hope to show off meat and deli products, fresh produce, or seafood with display case lighting, making the right selection can make a large difference when trying to present the most attractive and long lasting products.

Meat display case lighting

One of the most important sections of a grocery story is its refrigerated meat display case. However, without the proper lighting, meat products will not sell as fast and will quickly lose freshness. Be wary of regular fluorescent bulbs. Such lighting can alter the smell, flavor, and color of meat and increase the rate of spoilage, thus reducing product sales.  Using the proper meat display case lighting, such as Promolux specialty lighting for retailers, will ensure increased shelf life and sales.

Deli display case lighting

Inferior display lighting in refrigerated supermarket cases can cause fading and discoloration in processed meats. Certain deli products, such as cooked ham, are extremely sensitive to the effects of light. This means that colors will fade and look less appetizing, simply due to the lighting choices made. The best deli display case lighting uses bulbs that are designed for true color definition and have a more balanced visible spectrum.

Produce display case lighting

Customers are, rightfully, very choosy in selecting produce that is visually appealing. This is especially true when opting for organic items, as they often look different from produce that has had preservatives and sprays applied to it during the harvesting process. In addition, radiation and heat from ordinary produce display case lighting can lead to product dehydration and shrinkage, increasing waste of unsold products. The following tips can help create produce display case lighting that attracts loyal customers:

  • Use light that reveals the true colors of the produce
  • Select lighting that will not damage or cause products to prematurely spoil
  • Choose balanced spectrum lamps to show off true, vibrant colors and extended shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Look for lighting that emits lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat
Seafood display case lighting

It would be foolish to overlook the importance of high quality lighting for the seafood display case. Do not make the mistake of putting just any lighting in this area. This is because fish and seafood tend to spoil faster than other meats. Grocers inadvertently reduce shelf life even further by using display lighting that emits too much heat. This causes the temperature to rise to unsafe levels, meaning the products will spoil and must be discarded. Selecting the right seafood display case lighting can save money and attract customers. Select lighting that uses safe spectrum technology, as this is the foundation for food safe lighting.

Lighting choices are extremely important in a variety of display cases. Not only are customers visual creatures, but they also expect high quality and fresh products. Take the time to make the right decision and you will see the benefits.