Ways to Reduce Shrinkage in Grocery Stores

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Superior grocery store lighting is highly effective in preventing shrinkage in grocery stores. Shrinkage mostly occurs when the perishable products decay, becoming inedible. This leads to a huge loss incurred by the store owner as well as a negative impact on the environment. Before venturing into a grocery store business, it is advisable to have a practical plan of preventing shrinkage. Also, have a policy that gives your employees power to take action once the products start showing signs of decay. This helps in averting the wastage though losses may still be incurred. Shrinkage in grocery stores can be prevented through the following practical measures.

Place frequent low quantities

Food waste in grocery stores may be caused by product overstocking. In this case, the quantity of perishable foods in stock is higher than the consumption rate by the target consumers. This simply means that some of the products will reach their sell by date while still on the shelves and start decaying. Placing frequent orders for products in low quantities can help prevent waste as a result of overstocking. For this to be effective without inconveniencing your customers, it is important to identify a reliable supplier who can deliver items within the shortest time possible.

Invest in quality refrigerators

Refrigerators are effective in keeping perishable food substances fresh for an extended period of time. Refrigerators in grocery stores are best for meat, dairy, seafood and other highly perishable products. Investing in quality refrigerators with a huge carrying capacity is important in keeping fresh adequate amount of products enough to be sold out within a considerable period of time. To reinforce the function of the refrigerators, consider installing an LED lighting system as they emit less heat, hence reduced temperatures. This keeps products fresh for a prolonged period of time.

Constant stock monitoring

Stock monitoring should be a daily routine in a grocery store. Constant stock monitoring helps in identifying early signs of product decay and taking necessary steps to avert the loss. The displayed perishable products should be monitored at least twice in a day, that is morning and evening. Any product such as a fruit or vegetables with signs of decay should be separated from others. Also, products with reduced freshness identified during monitoring should be put on offer for quick low or no profit sales to prevent waste. Installation of LED display lighting in the store provides a clear view of each product, and allows for a successful and easy monitoring process.

Energy efficient lighting system

Installation of an energy efficient lighting system in the grocery store plays a huge role in preventing shrinkage. Promolux energy efficient LED lighting provides great performance in making displayed products eye-catching for increased sales that help in clearing the stock. In addition, the lights emit less heat that reduces the cooling load while keeping the temperatures low. This inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for the decay process in food. Shrinkage in a grocery store can be prevented by promoting product shelf life extension using Promolux LED lights.