Using the Right Display Lighting in Your Grocery Store

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Selecting the best retail display lighting for each food category is essential to getting the perfect color, warmth and appeal for each food type, whether it is packaged or fresh. Choosing lights that are custom designed to create dramatic visual impact in each department can improve the flow and overall feel of your store.

Meat section

The meat department is the cornerstone of every grocery store. Thus, the fresh meat display case should include an appealing, colorful presentation using high color definition lighting. This will ensure that the meat looks naturally fresh and high quality. Consider Promolux LED lighting for fresh meat, as this style of lighting emits less heat than its fluorescent counterpart. In addition to helping meat stay fresh, LED lighting brings out the most vivid colors in meats, appealing to visual customers.

Dairy section

This department seeks a balance between vibrant color and a sense of natural elements. From yogurts to deserts, the dairy department is a diverse collection of shapes, colors, and textures. For cases with a variety of tiers, shelf and rail lighting can create a dazzling display. Specialty produce requires warm-white canopy lighting that will play up the vibrant colors of such products. Select a lighting design that spreads high-quality light all the way across the case. This will ensure that your dairy display case lighting provides a stunning visual impact. For lighting that appears invisible, choose vertical door lighting that still promises to deliver uniform brightness to the display. Be careful to choose lighting that safely illuminates dairy products without impacting their nutritional integrity. Such products are very sensitive to heat and light, and the wrong lighting choice may negatively affect the flavor of your produce.

Bakery section

Warmth and happiness, childhood memories, creamy delicacies come to mind when entering the bakery. This is another section that requires a balanced spectrum light to give breads and cakes that irresistible “just-baked” look. The use of a diffuser over the light can help minimize reflections and glare when choosing proper bakery display case lighting.

Floral section

Selecting an item from the floral department requires care and consideration, as customers are choosing something that they hope to make a statement with. Such products require warm light and high color accentuation to show off the vibrant colors of nature’s beauty: flowers. Floral display case lighting should be selected based on its ability to deliver a phenomenal visual impact. Keep in mind that impulsive purchases account for a large portion of grocery store sales, and the floral department can help contribute to this. Be careful to select lighting that isn’t too bright, as this will cause fresh flowers to wilt more quickly than they naturally would. Using a perfectly even warm white light will help bring the floral department to life and catch customer’s eye from across the store.

Achieving the best color, warmth, and appeal for each display can be accomplished through specialty lighting for grocery store displays such as that developed by Promolux. Work towards creating the desired lighting impact in each department to reach your goals. Paying attention to quality retail display lighting in the meat, dairy, bakery, and floral sections is essential.