Top Grocery Store Display Accessories

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Specialty food display case lighting is among the essential things that every store owner wants in place when starting a grocery store. Together with lighting, other essential accessories are required for that eye-catching product display in the store that encourages customers to continue buying. Remember that product display is one of the most effective promotional tools in a grocery store business. Therefore, investing in the right accessories that make your products appealing is a worthy course of action. High quality product display helps in beating stiff competition for the available large number of customers who must walk into a grocery store for basic food supplies. Below are some of the essential display accessories you need for a grocery store.

Produce displays and table accessories

Produce display and table accessories are must haves in a grocery store. The durable ones are derived from plastic material which is rust resistant. They have a smooth round design that increases safety. The padding for all types of baskets is also available for convenience. These produce display and table accessories are available in different bright colors and designs that make the products prominent. Their bright colors become brighter when placed under the Promolux specialty LED display lighting, making the displayed items more visible.

Dairy and meat accessories

These are accessories required for displaying meat, seafood and dairy products. They are designed with dairy case trays with leaks that prevent the liquid from the products spreading over to other parts. Most of these accessories are made of plastic material so they are durable, easy to clean and hygienic. The displayed products are elevated for adequate air circulation while being made prominent for enhanced customer viewing. These accessories respond well in a cold place keeping the meat and dairy products fresh for a prolonged period. Dairy and meat accessories look much more prominent and attractive when placed under specialty deli display case lighting.

Produce display bins

Produce display bins are ideal for showcasing fruits and vegetables. You can choose to have wooden or plastic bins. The wooden bins are best for displaying fresh vegetables as they give an impression of naturally growing vegetables in a wooden crate in the farm yard. Bins made with ABS plastic are best for showcasing fresh fruits. These bins are rust resistant and strong enough to withstand pressure from the weight of the products. Ensure that your produce looks more attractive by installing specialty produce display lighting.

Floral display cubes

Floral display cubes are essential for showcasing flowers on sale in a grocery store. It is advisable to buy the floral cubes made of polythene material for reliability and durability. These cubes make it easy for stylish flower displays as they have a molded in stocking and nesting feature. When using floral display cubes, it is advisable to install specialty floral display lighting in the flower section of the grocery store.

LED grocery lighting system

To ensure that the product displays in your grocery store are eye-catching, investing in a Promolux specialty LED food display lighting system is highly recommended. These lights are safe for use inside the store. Achieve prominent product display, reduced energy costs and increased food safety by using Promolux LED lighting.