The Importance of Quality Showcase Lighting in a Grocery Store

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If a grocery store showcase is dark and shadowy, the purpose of the display is defeated. Lighting manufacturers have options to help bring any food display case to life so that products are illuminated appropriately. Using the right showcase lighting can make a difference in presenting produce well.

Display case lighting

One of the most important sections of a grocery story is its meat display case. Selecting fluorescent bulbs may result in premature spoilage and alteration in smell, flavor, and color of the meat. Try using Promolux lighting for the best results in your grocery store showcase lighting. Certain products are extremely sensitive to the effects of light and may look less appetizing if the correct lighting solutions are not chosen. Use bulbs that are designed for true color definition and have a balanced visible spectrum.

Fruit and vegetable lighting

It can be difficult to please choosy customers that are selecting fruits and vegetables. Using display case lighting that attracts customers will help promote sales and reveal the true colors of the produce. Be especially conscientious in choosing lighting for organic items, as these products often look different from those that have had preservatives and sprays applied. Reduce product dehydration and shrinkage by selecting light that will not damage or cause products to prematurely spoil. Balanced spectrum lamps can promote extended shelf life for fruits and vegetables while showing off their true colors. Check that your lighting selections emit lower levels of UV radiation and heat, as these are also damaging to time sensitive products.

LED lighting

Increasingly, more grocers are choosing LED lighting in their showcases. Why is this option so popular? LED lighting:

  • Lasts longer than other choices, resulting in buying fewer bulbs over time
  • Fits standard light fixtures
  • Is not prone to breaking
  • Works well for decoration and creating special effects

The only major drawback in selecting LED bulbs is that they cost significantly more than fluorescent bulbs. There is hope that this cost will lessen as manufacturing technology improves, but they are currently an investment choice. LED bulbs also require that all electrical systems be up to date, however hopefully yours already are.


Consider the operation costs amassed within grocery stores when making your lighting choices. Electricity and maintenance can add up to a large expense. Luckily, technology has advanced and products like LED bulbs can help reduce this cost. In combination with such products, grocers can save up to 70% in energy costs by using lighting controls to improve the functionality of their business. These controls can be set so that displays are not unnecessarily illuminated when customers are not in the store.

Lighting choices are extremely important in a variety of grocery display cases. Not only are humans visual creatures, but also they expect high quality and fresh products. Take the time to make the right decision in your showcase lighting and you will see the benefits. Consider using Promolux specialty LED lighting and the impact you hope to make with your showcases when creating an appealing environment for your customers.