The Guide to Choosing the Right Lighting for Grocery Food Display

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Selling the right products is not enough for retailers nowadays. The way the products are displayed has become the key point of difference in enticing customers and increasing the profit margins. In most cases, customers judge the quality and freshness of products from their appearance.

It has now been well established that lighting can completely change the way fresh products and food items are displayed at the grocery stores. So, it is important to choose the right lighting for grocery store food display cases. It affects customers’ perception and purchasing behavior and in turn boosts sales in a retail environment.

What are the factors that you should consider before buying lighting for your grocery store food displays?

Food display lighting should emit less heat and UV radiation

Lights that emit heat and discharge UV radiation are not a good fit for food display because both heat and UV radiation are harmful to food products. Radiation and heat can decompose and discolor food items, leading to spoilage. So, the right food display lighting should emit less heat and UV radiation.

In addition, cooling costs make a significant share of grocery store outlay. So, it is counterproductive to use a lighting source that adds heat to your refrigerated space.

Food display lighting should have a balanced spectrum

If the lighting source renders fruits and other food products lifeless and the colors dull, it is going to be a tough sell to get customers for those products. The yellow or white spectrums of ordinary lights cause merchandise to look insipid and unappealing. Food display case lighting should be chosen with a balanced spectrum so that their illumination highlights the natural colors of food products.

Food display lighting should produce even illumination

Normal fluorescent lighting used in food display spreads illumination in all directions, creating shadows, hotspots, and glare spots, which distract the shoppers’ attention from food products to other spots. However, good display case lighting should provide directional and uniform illumination so that the products are more highlighted.

Why Promolux LED lighting is the perfect choice

The International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology conducted a study that found that a majority of customers (85 percent) were willing to spend more time in a store if it is attractively colored and well lit. The respondents particularly mentioned that good lighting improved their shopping experience by helping them select the right products within a short time.

Installing Promolux LED lights for food display in grocery stores increases products’ appeal and reduces operating costs. Promolux LED lights can accurately reveal the original colors of food, making them look appealing.

Promolux LEDs produce less heat than other lighting sources and they also perform better and last longer in cooler locations. Incandescent and fluorescent light sources are a poor choice for grocery store refrigerated food lighting because they do not perform well or last longer in cool temperature.

Promolux LED lights, with their balanced spectrum and low level of heat and UV radiation, are better than regular supermarket fluorescent lamps and are perfect for any food display lighting project.