Seize The Moment: Select The Best Grocery Store Lighting!

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Is your grocery lighting design really doing all that it can be for your business? Are you attracting customers, adhering to health codes, and creating enticing displays? If not, you may be overlooking a very important piece of your grocery store setup.

Energy savings

Hold a competition with yourself. That’s right; you can compete against your own business to determine the best grocery lighting for your needs. Evaluate several LED display light technologies to determine which is best for you. Monitor electricity consumption using wattage meters and graph that data along with initial and maintenance costs. As a result of this in-house competition, an informed decision can be made and energy savings will begin to stack up.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of food display case lighting can play a part in making an educated product purchase. Fluorescent lighting is often unreliable and requires more service calls than long-life LED bulbs. Preventative maintenance measures may cost up to $5 per door per year in some cases. Cut down drastically on this bill by switching to a reliable lighting source that requires significantly less maintenance.

Visual appeal

Sight is one of the most heavily relied upon senses. Specialty display case lighting can have a significant impact in the visual appeal of products. Although there are a plethora of lighting styles to choose from, bright, uniform light produced by Promolux bulbs is a great solution. Selecting the right lighting can diminish glare and light spillover into aisles while making sure that the full vibrancy of the products’ colors are brought to life. Specialty lighting for fish and seafood displays can help your products look fresher and more appealing. Make sure that meats appear fresh and juicy in their displays, not shrunken and gray.


Grocery lighting must be versatile and able to perform in an abundance of settings. It is extremely important to have the ability to accentuate products of interest properly. Using specialty accent lighting can provide the impact and flexibility to achieve these goals. Selecting high performing and interchangeable LED bulbs enables delivery of up to four times the illumination of typical lighting choices. As a result of selecting the most versatile lighting, a dramatic effect can be created.

Proper grocery store lighting can also help stop bacteria from growing more rapidly than expected. Incorrect lighting can negatively affect time sensitive produce once exposed to unnecessary heat and light. Choose low radiation lighting in all open refrigerated displays to reduce the amount of heat and damaging ultraviolet rays that enter the case. Use Promolux safe spectrum lamps to promote shelf life extension of all your perishable products.

Utilizing the best lighting can have a significant impact on your business. Energy savings, life expectancy, versatility, and visual appeal play a major role in the lighting choices you make for your display cases. Selecting the right lighting will ensure that loyal customers are attracted, health codes are met and food displays are inviting.