Illuminate Your Merchandising Displays with Food Safe Lighting

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Grocery store owners: stop and ask yourself one simple question. Are you using the best food display lighting in the industry? If not, then you may be wasting money and your time sensitive products are most likely not lasting as long as they could be! Using the correct food display lighting can help you illuminate your products and ensure that they stay fresh as long as possible.

Visual presentation

Many of the inferior display case lighting products on the market today enhance some colors at the expense of others. However, Promolux lighting brings out the full, natural range of color in merchandise, allowing a balance between color and clarity without distortion or artificial coloring. Selecting lamps that offer the highest quality color rendering is a wise choice for any grocery store. This will ensure that your products look and stay fresh, which will ultimately increase profits and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Optimal lighting

The visual impact lighting makes on your store goes further than you think. Most lamps change product color due to the fact that they are skewed toward the yellow and green end of the color spectrum. Although these lights offer strong illumination, the trade off is a lack of vibrant color and extended shelf life in your refrigerated display case. Utilizing an optimal lighting source like Promolux lamps will allow you to showcase food’s natural colors. Selecting the correct lighting can also protect fresh produce and meat products from the harmful radiation emitted by inferior lighting. This means that perishable items can last up to 50% longer and reduce waste in meat, seafood, deli, bakery, produce, and floral departments.

Longer lasting products

Incorrect display lighting can drastically shorten the shelf life of time sensitive produce. Understanding how lighting can damage fresh merchandise is the first step in correcting this problem. Choose bulbs that will not hasten discoloring, drying, and loss of freshness in produce to combat this problem. It is well known that most fluorescent lighting produces radiation that may damage your products and promote bacterial growth. New lighting choices can have up to 86% lower radiation than regular lamps, translating into extended shelf life for time sensitive foods.

Bottom line

All grocers hope to maximize profit and minimize waste, that’s an indisputable fact. Using Promolux food safe lighting to achieve that goal is a simple way to invest in more than just the products that are on display. Using the right lighting to showcase these products can result in improved sales and increased food safety. The presentation of your meats and produce will stand out with the correct lighting. Using bulbs that do not promote shrinkage and bacteria growth will result in extended shelf life and greater sales opportunities. The correct lighting can assist in reducing losses as a result of sensitive product waste.

Creating an inviting environment is not the only thing grocery store lighting can be used for. Achieving greater sales and lengthening the shelf life of time sensitive products are two ways the right lighting can help your business. Design a visual impact with optimal lighting that will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.