How to Reduce Energy Consumption in your Grocery Store

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Reduced energy consumption can be achieved along with increased food safety by using a Promolux specialty LED lighting system. Normally, a grocery store consumes high energy levels due to the cooling and other lighting systems. The energy is essential in keeping products fresh and illuminating the entire room. The use of non-LED fluorescent lights results in high electricity bills that may bring down your grocery business if caution is not taken. In order to handle energy consumption effectively, it is important to replace the traditional lights with the LED lighting system. This does not only reduce energy consumption but drastically reduces maintenance cost. Below are practical tips on reducing energy consumption.

Install LED lighting in aisles and storage areas

Traditional fluorescent lights installed in the aisles and storage areas of the grocery store record high energy consumption. This lighting system emits heat that increases the cooling load leading to increased energy consumption. Replacement of these traditional lights with an LED system is highly recommended for reduced energy consumption. LED high and low bay lighting enhances the quality of floor level lighting while producing less heat. This lowers the room temperature hence low cooling energy consumption.

Use LEDs for refrigerated display cases

When running a grocery store, you need to have several refrigerators for cooling products. The use of other refrigerated display case lighting results in high cooling load due to the heat emitted. In addition, other fluorescent lights cause color change in meat making it to appear less fresh. However, this high energy consumption can be abated by making use of a Promolux specialty LED lighting system for refrigerated display cases. The energy efficient LEDs work well in colder temperatures with lowered cooling load that decreases energy consumption. Also, LEDs used in the display cases enhance the display of the products, encouraging customers to purchase.

Use LEDs for illumination

A lot of energy is consumed by lighting to highlight products and for adequate lighting on the sales floors and counters in the grocery stores. This energy consumption can be reduced by using LEDs for accent and directional lighting that enhances the customers’ shopping experience. In this case, you can consider installing LED display lights in strategic areas of the store to highlight products. For example, you can install LED pendants over the counters for illumination and track lights to make the products on the shelves visible. LEDs are energy savers providing adequate light while emitting less heat. In addition, the lights are safe for use as they do not produce ultraviolet radiation and other harmful elements.

Install LEDs in the parking lots and walkways

Lights in the parking lots and walkways remain on for an extended period of time for security reasons. In order to reduce energy consumption, it is advisable to replace the exterior fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LEDs. Installing LEDs that are compatible with energy controls such as dimmers and occupancy sensors helps in reducing energy consumption further. LEDs create a sense of security in your customers as they provide enough light to illumine the parking lots and walkways without power wastage.