How to Prepare Your Grocery Store for Re-opening after a Cooling System Failure

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Specialty grocery lighting for refrigerated display cases works closely with the cooling system in keeping the products fresh and well presented. When these two systems are working perfectly, they lead to increasing sales and high profit returns. A failure of the cooling and lighting system is a nightmare that no grocery store owner would want to face. Once the cooling and lighting system fails, there is an increase in temperature that results in a rapid spoilage of perishable products. This brings the entire business to a standstill not forgetting the huge losses incurred. When this happens, the following steps are essential in preparing the store for re-opening as well as to prevent future lighting and cooling system failures.

Clear the products from the store

Clearing the products from the store is an important step that paves way for cooling and food display case lighting system repair. Here, gather all the decayed items and dispose of them appropriately and transfer the good fresh items to a safe cool place. It is advisable to leave the grocery store empty to facilitate proper cleaning to be done later.

Mold removal

A grocery cooling and food display lighting system failure will cause dampness, resulting in mold formation in the food display bins and shelves. You can consider hiring a mold removal company or have the employees perform the procedure using the right equipment. Mold removal is an important procedure that makes the bins, shelves and the entire building fit for food storage that is safe for human consumption. Remember to check for mold in the air ducts of the store.

Grocery carts, bins and shelves cleaning

The mold removal process should be followed by a thorough cleaning of the shopping carts, bins and shelves present in the grocery store. A high pressure hot water cleaning system is ideal for cleaning the carts, bins and shelves making them ready for use. If you do not have this cleaning system machine, you can hire one from a renowned provider or engage a professional cleaning agent to handle the procedure.

Cleaning the entire floor

Grocery store floor cleaning is a procedure that entails high pressure hot water and vacuum cleaning. This is a major procedure that eliminates any remaining mold and any water present in the store. Drying the store using a machine is highly recommended to prevent floor dampness issues. You can decide to perform do-it-yourself cleaning or hire a cleaning company to ensure thoroughness.

Cooling and lighting system repair

The repair process of the cooling and lighting system involves choosing the right display case lighting system. Identifying a reliable provider for the lighting system helps in preventing regrettable future system failures. Once the cooling system is back in place, install food safe display lights from Promolux Lighting. These specialty retail display lights are safe for perishable foods as they do not emit harmful radiation. In addition, they reduce the temperature in the display cases and cold bins leading to increased shelf life of the products.