How to Display Specific Foods in Your Grocery Store

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Display tactics are essential in making specific foods visually attractive to customers for increased sales of the commodities. Installing a proper, food safe lighting system plays an important role in enhancing the appearance of the products while increasing their shelf life. Regular attention to your product displays should be performed in order to identify slow moving items and moving them to a strategic position to attract customer’s attention. The prices should be well marked to eliminate vagueness and confusion. Below are viable tips for specific food displays.

Fruit and vegetable display

Fruits and vegetables should be displayed in a cool section to keep them fresh. Fresh leafy vegetables should be spread to display their fresh green leaves. Also, brightly colored vegetables should be alternated with the dull colored ones to make them more visible. For example, you can place the broccoli next to green leafy vegetables, followed by cauliflower and then brightly colored carrots. In the fruits section, place the small sized fruits such berries in a wide shallow dish and arrange them attractively. You can place the fruits with some fresh leaves to create a fresh natural appearance that entices the customer. For the bigger fruits such as oranges and apples, arrange them using pyramid or any other attractive patterns. Remember to install appropriate produce display lighting to make the fruits and vegetables to appear more attractive and fresh.

Meat and seafood display

Meat and seafood should be displayed in a refrigerated display case. Remember that these are highly perishable products hence maximum care should be taken when displaying them. Display fresh seafood in a fish net wrapped refrigerator bin, to create a sense of natural fresh fish catch in the customers. Install seafood display case lighting to increase freshness window for the fish. Prepare the section for the fresh red meat partitioned with green lines. Green lines contrast the red color of the meat, making it more prominent from outside. Food safe grocery store meat display case lighting is essential if you want your meats to look vibrant and fresh, in addition to prolonging their shelf life.

Bread and cookie display

Designate a section for bread, cakes and cookies. Bread is a commodity that is regularly purchased alongside milk and eggs. Therefore, have a section for bread next to milk and eggs for easy picking by the customers. Then, you can have the section for cookies and other flies near the bread section. It is a great idea to have some shelves for themed display of cakes and cookies. In this case, you can have a cakes section for seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and other major celebrations. Also, you can consider having a section for birthday and wedding cakes. To complete bread and cookies, install proper bakery display case lighting that enhances the visual appeal of your baked goods, while keeping them fresh for longer periods of time.