How to Choose the Right Lighting Solutions for your Grocery Store

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Selecting the right lighting product can provide incredible benefits that you may not have ever thought of before. You can extend the shelf life of fresh produce, meet health code requirements, create an atmosphere beyond that of a typical supermarket, and cut your operating costs.

Health codes

It is very important to make sure that health codes are met. Ensuring that this is done, while selling enough produce to make a profit, can be a challenge. Increased food safety from using Promolux specialty food display lighting is one way to achieve this goal. Food will spoil prematurely and promote bacteria and pathogen growth when exposed to light and heat. This means that products will no longer be fit for sale. Using lighting for food that filters out more radiation will prolong shelf life and protect the freshness of sensitive products. Installing the correct lighting will reduce the emission of damaging visible spectrum and UV wavelengths. As a result, product shrinkage may be reduced by 30 to 50 percent.

Shelf life considerations

Selling time sensitive produce is a constant battle. Order too much of an item, and your product may spoil. Supply too little, and your customers leave empty handed and disappointed. To eliminate part of this struggle, you can work towards finding the right lighting for your perishable merchandise. Display case lighting is often installed, without meaning to be, at the sacrifice of the products. Using low radiation lighting in all open refrigerated displays will reduce the amount of heat and damaging ultraviolet rays that enter the cases. Using Promolux full balanced spectrum lamps in your produce displays can also contribute to extended shelf life of fruits and vegetables as well as show off their true and vibrant colors.

Cutting costs

Did you know that utilizing the right lighting solutions might result in cutting costs in your store? There are many benefits to creating lighting solutions, including less food waste, selling perishables more quickly, ensuring food spoils less rapidly, shrinkage of products is reduced, and sales may be increased. All businesses hope to save money, and following this advice could pay off exponentially.

An inviting atmosphere

While shelf life and food safety are top concerns, creating an inviting atmosphere for your customers should also be a priority. Think about your produce display lighting and ask yourself if it’s doing all it could be to help promote your product. Does the food appear to be good quality and fresh, or is it lackluster and uninviting? Use Promolux lamps that are designed for true color definition and give off a more balanced range of wavelengths, resulting in products begin displayed in their true colors. Ensure that all products look their best and are not distorted by inappropriate light when choosing lighting for your showcases. This requires an understanding of the effects of lighting on different kinds of items.

Using specialty retail lighting can have great benefits for your business. The rewards of thinking through and adjusting your lighting choices accordingly may pay off in dividends. Consider the atmosphere, food safety, and shelf life extension when designing your store lighting and you will reap the benefits of using specialty food display lighting.