How Proper Grocery Store Display Lighting Can Boost Your Sales

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A survey conducted by the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) in 2012 revealed that a great number of retailers are unsatisfied with their lighting, and a majority of them believe that upgrading their lighting should increase sales.

Does it make sense that a grocery store can attract more customers and boost sales just by making the exterior and interior areas properly and interestingly illuminated? It does! Just apply your common sense. Do you not prefer shopping in a well-designed grocery store rather than in one that has a dull interior? We know you do and the same logic is applicable in case of lighting.

Check out how proper grocery store lighting can boost your bottom line.

Contrast lighting grabs attention

All the grocers should know this trick. Your store’s lighting should be high contrast as it makes perception easier, which, as a result, heightens the levels of customer attention. For example, a Russian wine and spirit store named Finist used a combination of dimmed and accent lighting that creates an intimate atmosphere while putting the focus on the central display modules, making it easier for customers to pick out products and navigate through the store.

Right lighting complements interiors

The lighting should complement the whole interiors of a store – its colors, designs, as well as the brand image. If your store has bright, warm hues and textures, the lighting colors should be at the cooler end of the spectrum. The designs of lighting should consist of simple forms and create a streamlined look and feel if that is what your brand represents. The positioning of ceiling, wall, and display case lighting should also be perfect so that the customers feel interested browsing through the store.

Right distribution of light

The right distribution of light is important as all the sections and corners of a grocery store do not need the same amount of light. Creating zones of bright illumination creates points of interest that draw attention to key products in individual sections selling such items as baked goods, fresh meat, vegetables, deli products, flowers, etc.

Good specialty lighting for retail display cases makes customers linger more, which can result in higher sales. Vertical illumination is important, especially along the aisles, as it makes it easier for customers to find their way around. And, needless to say, the more the customers walk around a grocery store, the higher the chances of their buying more goods.

Lighting has a proven influence on visibility, perception, visual attention, and overall general perception. So, it is simple that proper grocery store lighting will play an important part in increasing your bottom line.

If you want to boost your sales by using low radiation and balanced spectrum LED and fluorescent lighting that will highlight both your store and the products in the most attractive manner, you need to try Promolux. Their lights will show your fresh meat produce in their true vibrant colors and enhance the look of your grocery store.