Grocery Store Merchandising Tips

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Retail lighting coupled with several viable grocery store merchandising tips will definitely lead to steady business growth. Having a fast moving stock minimizes chances of incurring huge losses in your grocery store as the items you are trading have a very limited shelf life. Putting up a cooling system and then waiting for customers to walk into your store is not enough. Come up with practical ideas on how to keep items on the shelves for a longer period, attracting and retaining customers. Run out of ideas? Here are some viable merchandise tips for you.

Shelf display

Shelf display is the first practical factor that determines whether customers will buy your commodities or not. You need to manage the shelf display in your grocery store with the aim of compelling customers to make some purchase. Shelf placement should be done to allow the customers to view all the commodities displayed on them. For successful display of items, divide each shelf into four levels and follow the food display techniques shown below:

Top shelf

This is the uppermost shelf, designed to be viewed when the customer raises their eyes. The items with the highest prices in the store should be displayed on this shelf in each category of commodities.

Reach shelf

This is the shelf placed at customer’s eye level in every commodity category stand. The secret of making sales using this shelf is identifying the commodities with high impulse buying rates, with high demand and competitive prices. Place such commodities on this shelf to woo the customers to purchase.

Lower shelf

On this shelf located just below the reach shelf, place the essential items that customers buy regularly. Be creative in displaying them in an attractive way to beat the competition.

Bottom shelf

This is the last shelf located at the lowest level. Make a collection of items that are least popular as well as the generic ones. Though unpopular, you still want to make some sales from them, so display them in an eye catching style.

Promotional tactics

Product promotion is a major technique that increases sales in a grocery store. Remember that your aim is to attract more customers and retain them to facilitate swift stock clearance on high profit margins. To achieve this, introduce promotional price tagging using dump-bins and offer bins especially for items that are going out of stock or the ones you want to sell out urgently.  This tagging technique entices the customers who perceive the prices as being cheap but in the real sense you will still pocket a profit. Also, display competitive commodities with the highest profit margin on the end caps and gondolas in your grocery store. For example, placing a top store brand in the store’s promotional space is a brilliant idea. Install a Promolux display lighting system in the store’s promotional space, to enhance the visibility of offer bins, dump bins and end caps.

Engage smart store planning

Be smart by planning to have the shelves for milk, bread and eggs at the furthest corner of the store. When customers walk in to pick these essential commodities, they will take notice of other items on sale in your grocery store making additional purchases. However, make the products visible and attractive right from the store’s entrance by installing dairy display case lighting from Promolux.