Does Specialty Grocery Store LED Lighting Make Food Look More Appetizing?

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Modern day grocers have discovered a secret that has long been known to the people in movie and jewelry industries: lighting matters. New generation LED lighting for retail merchandising is a significant improvement over traditional grocery store lighting. LED lights have already been known for being energy- and cost-effective and now they are efficient in luring customers too by making the products look more attractive. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Many retailers nowadays are experiencing a less than three-year payback on their retail display case lighting due to the installation of super-efficient LEDs that save them on energy, material, maintenance, and replacement costs. Check out how the lights work in making the food look more appetizing.

LED lighting makes food shine

The LED lighting system for open deck cases offers an extra-appetizing lighting solution by making the products shine with crisp LED light. They literally transform the butcher and seafood counters and display cases that contain packaged dairy products, fresh meat, and deli items. The vivid, long-lasting visual performance is possible because the lumen ratings of LEDs are higher than fluorescent lamps. So, they have easily replaced the traditional fluorescent lighting for display cases.

LEDs provide consistent lighting

LEDs make the food attractive because they can provide more consistency in comparison to fluorescent lighting. Good-quality LED display case lighting puts the focus on goods while they themselves remain hidden behind the cases. In addition, they can deliver uniform lighting to the entire case and they are available for canopy and undershelf applications. They provide bright and crisp yet visually comforting light that can truly highlight any product.

LEDs make the food color pop up

New generation LED lighting can almost reproduce the true color of outdoor illumination and they burn less lighting power than fluorescent lighting. As a result, they can make the food colors literally pop – green for vegetables, red for meat, and yellow and other bright colors for fruits. LED bulbs optimize individual colors, resulting in turning the oranges like orange sapphire, tomatoes rosier, and the broccoli like emerald green. The stunning appearance ultimately lures the customers to buy the products.

LEDs provide suitable options

LEDs are available in a variety of display lighting options, giving the grocer’s options to position the lights the way they want. You can find them in various lengths and the feature of warm and cool lighting tones. Grocers can easily use a bluer or a cooler tone for the freezer case and a warmer tone for the produce department to optimize the food’s appearance. A number of well-known retailers have already switched their preference to LED lighting for their various outlets. Retailers like Walmart, Target, Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Whole Foods Market use LEDs in their food display lighting.

Thinking about switching to LEDs for your grocery store lighting? Promolux can help you with their high-end LEDs that are ideal for both food and non-food merchandising. Their display case LEDs are just perfect for highlighting products with amazing colors.