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How to Choose the Right Lighting Solutions for your Grocery Store



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Selecting the right lighting product can provide incredible benefits that you may not have ever thought of before. You can extend the shelf life of fresh produce, meet health code requirements, create an atmosphere beyond that of a typical supermarket, and cut your operating costs.

Health codes

It is very important to make sure that health codes are met. Ensuring that this is done, while selling enough produce to make a profit, can be a challenge. Increased food safety from using Promolux specialty food display lighting is one way to achieve this goal. Food will spoil prematurely and promote bacteria and pathogen growth when exposed to light and heat. This means that products will no longer be fit for sale. Using lighting for food that filters out more radiation will prolong shelf life and protect the freshness of sensitive products. Installing the correct lighting will reduce the emission of damaging visible spectrum and UV wavelengths. As a result, product shrinkage may be reduced by 30 to 50 percent.

Shelf life considerations

Selling time sensitive produce is a constant battle. Order too much of an item, and your product may spoil. Supply too little, and your customers leave empty handed and disappointed. To eliminate part of this struggle, you can work towards finding the right lighting for your perishable merchandise. Display case lighting is often installed, without meaning to be, at the sacrifice of the products. Using low radiation lighting in all open refrigerated displays will reduce the amount of heat and damaging ultraviolet rays that enter the cases. Using Promolux full balanced spectrum lamps in your produce displays can also contribute to extended shelf life of fruits and vegetables as well as show off their true and vibrant colors.

Cutting costs

Did you know that utilizing the right lighting solutions might result in cutting costs in your store? There are many benefits to creating lighting solutions, including less food waste, selling perishables more quickly, ensuring food spoils less rapidly, shrinkage of products is reduced, and sales may be increased. All businesses hope to save money, and following this advice could pay off exponentially.

An inviting atmosphere

While shelf life and food safety are top concerns, creating an inviting atmosphere for your customers should also be a priority. Think about your produce display lighting and ask yourself if it’s doing all it could be to help promote your product. Does the food appear to be good quality and fresh, or is it lackluster and uninviting? Use Promolux lamps that are designed for true color definition and give off a more balanced range of wavelengths, resulting in products begin displayed in their true colors. Ensure that all products look their best and are not distorted by inappropriate light when choosing lighting for your showcases. This requires an understanding of the effects of lighting on different kinds of items.

Using specialty retail lighting can have great benefits for your business. The rewards of thinking through and adjusting your lighting choices accordingly may pay off in dividends. Consider the atmosphere, food safety, and shelf life extension when designing your store lighting and you will reap the benefits of using specialty food display lighting.

How Grocery Store LED Lighting Can Increase Store Revenue

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Lighting plays a major role in a grocery business, almost as important as the quality of the products you sell. Are you thinking of updating your grocery store lighting but are feeling confused? Well, you should know that there is no better time in a grocery business to improve your lighting and bottom line at the same time.

LED lighting converts better

High quality LED lighting always converts better than fluorescent lighting in terms of both attracting the customers and generating more profits. Better-quality LED lighting such as Promolux LEDs can enhance the overall appearance of a store. Besides, according to a study conducted by The Lighting Research, 88% of customers prefer the look of an LED display case to a fluorescent display case. Based on that study, the LEDs Magazine evaluates that the revenue earned from LED display cases is much more than their higher initial cost. So, your selection of LED display case lighting will lure customers into the store and eventually entice them to buy products.

LED lighting saves energy bills

Good lighting displays the products in refrigerated display cases in a more attractive way and thereby enhances consumer experience. However, they have higher electricity bills, especially in a grocery store where powerful lighting is needed for a brighter display. The reach-in coolers in most grocery shops have outmoded fluorescent lights that look dull and use a lot of energy. Upgrading your grocery store lighting to LED lights can be the solution for this problem. LED lights use less energy than incandescent lamps; hence they maximize the energy efficiency and save you the energy costs.

LED lighting cuts maintenance and replacement costs

Another revenue-increasing aspect of LED lighting is their low maintenance, replacement, and operating costs. Good-quality LED display case lighting has a much longer lifespan than usual fluorescent and incandescent lighting. They are also not as sensitive as fluorescent bulbs and do not break easily. So, you can significantly lower the replacement and maintenance costs. Most of them come with dimming and other options that let you exercise more control over your overall grocery store lighting. Promolux LED lights can be a good option in this case as they are high-quality and durable.

LED lighting saves renovation costs

Installing LED lighting is a clever way to upgrade the look of your grocery store without spending a lump sum amount on interior renovation. LEDs increase lumens to a great extent, leading to brighter displays and making the freezer aisles look sharp and new. They are also efficient in setting a mood, highlighting products, and making the colorful items more visible. So, you can easily give your store a facelift without buying new coolers. When customers notice the updated look of your grocery store, they will definitely welcome the new shopping experience.

A simple upgrade to your grocery store lighting can significantly improve the customer experience, cement your brand image, and enhance the overall environment of the store. Promolux specialty LED lighting can draw attention with better quality, output, and uniformity, which ultimately improve something more than just good looks. They can improve your bottom line and drive the business smoothly.

Seize The Moment: Select The Best Grocery Store Lighting!

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Is your grocery lighting design really doing all that it can be for your business? Are you attracting customers, adhering to health codes, and creating enticing displays? If not, you may be overlooking a very important piece of your grocery store setup.

Energy savings

Hold a competition with yourself. That’s right; you can compete against your own business to determine the best grocery lighting for your needs. Evaluate several LED display light technologies to determine which is best for you. Monitor electricity consumption using wattage meters and graph that data along with initial and maintenance costs. As a result of this in-house competition, an informed decision can be made and energy savings will begin to stack up.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of food display case lighting can play a part in making an educated product purchase. Fluorescent lighting is often unreliable and requires more service calls than long-life LED bulbs. Preventative maintenance measures may cost up to $5 per door per year in some cases. Cut down drastically on this bill by switching to a reliable lighting source that requires significantly less maintenance.

Visual appeal

Sight is one of the most heavily relied upon senses. Specialty display case lighting can have a significant impact in the visual appeal of products. Although there are a plethora of lighting styles to choose from, bright, uniform light produced by Promolux bulbs is a great solution. Selecting the right lighting can diminish glare and light spillover into aisles while making sure that the full vibrancy of the products’ colors are brought to life. Specialty lighting for fish and seafood displays can help your products look fresher and more appealing. Make sure that meats appear fresh and juicy in their displays, not shrunken and gray.


Grocery lighting must be versatile and able to perform in an abundance of settings. It is extremely important to have the ability to accentuate products of interest properly. Using specialty accent lighting can provide the impact and flexibility to achieve these goals. Selecting high performing and interchangeable LED bulbs enables delivery of up to four times the illumination of typical lighting choices. As a result of selecting the most versatile lighting, a dramatic effect can be created.

Proper grocery store lighting can also help stop bacteria from growing more rapidly than expected. Incorrect lighting can negatively affect time sensitive produce once exposed to unnecessary heat and light. Choose low radiation lighting in all open refrigerated displays to reduce the amount of heat and damaging ultraviolet rays that enter the case. Use Promolux safe spectrum lamps to promote shelf life extension of all your perishable products.

Utilizing the best lighting can have a significant impact on your business. Energy savings, life expectancy, versatility, and visual appeal play a major role in the lighting choices you make for your display cases. Selecting the right lighting will ensure that loyal customers are attracted, health codes are met and food displays are inviting.

Fluorescent Lighting Versus LED Lighting in Your Grocery Store

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We have all heard of fluorescent and LED lighting, but do you truly understand the difference between the two? If your goal is to improve the lighting in your grocery store, then learning which is best for you should be top priority. Using the right kind of lighting in your store and, specially, in you refrigerated display cases, can make your showed products stand out or fall flat.

Advantages of fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent lighting provides soft light for many buildings. This type of lighting can be commonly seen in schools, businesses, warehouses, and more. Their up-front cost is reasonable and they work well to light any room. Such bulbs make good choices for general lighting. Some of types, such as the fluorescent lighting sold by Promolux, work well with sensitive produce, as they do not emit heat, meaning that products will not spoil more quickly as a result of the lighting. Promolux’s safe spectrum fluorescent lighting brings out the natural colors of the products, which is important to consider when lighting grocery display cases.

Disadvantages of fluorescent lighting

Imagine cleaning up a broken bulb; not a big deal, right? Now imagine having to clean up a broken bulb with mercury, a dangerous heavy metal. Some bulbs contain mercury, making fluorescent lighting for display cases containing produce a poor choice. This type of lighting is also more costly to maintain, as it requires more frequent attention and replacement. In addition, such lights may flicker noticeably and produce an uneven light that may be bothersome to some consumers. Such lighting tends to be unattractive and take away from the visual elements of the display case unless creatively hidden.

Advantages of LED lighting

The main benefit of LED lights is that they last much longer than their counterparts. This means that you buy fewer bulbs over time. They also conveniently fit in standard light fixtures without requiring the use of an adapter, making the switch from fluorescent to LED lighting a smooth transition. Such lighting is rugged and strong, with less chance of breaking than fluorescent bulbs. LED display case lighting works well for decorative purposes and creating a specific effect. This is a definite positive when considering lighting display cases.

Disadvantages of LED lighting

It is true that LED bulbs cost more than fluorescent lighting. It is worth noting that the cost may lessen as manufacturing technology improves. LED lights require ambient temperature to ensure that they reach peak functionality. Such lighting must also be supplied with the voltage above the threshold and a current below the rating, which means that series resistors or current-regulated power supplies may be necessary. If your electrical systems are seriously out of date, the costs may add up for you to effectively use LED lighting.

Although the decision is ultimately yours, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each lighting choice in relation to what you hope to achieve. This will ensure that you make the right selection and do not suffer from buyers’ remorse. After all, isn’t your business worth it?

Top Grocery Store Display Accessories

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Specialty food display case lighting is among the essential things that every store owner wants in place when starting a grocery store. Together with lighting, other essential accessories are required for that eye-catching product display in the store that encourages customers to continue buying. Remember that product display is one of the most effective promotional tools in a grocery store business. Therefore, investing in the right accessories that make your products appealing is a worthy course of action. High quality product display helps in beating stiff competition for the available large number of customers who must walk into a grocery store for basic food supplies. Below are some of the essential display accessories you need for a grocery store.

Produce displays and table accessories

Produce display and table accessories are must haves in a grocery store. The durable ones are derived from plastic material which is rust resistant. They have a smooth round design that increases safety. The padding for all types of baskets is also available for convenience. These produce display and table accessories are available in different bright colors and designs that make the products prominent. Their bright colors become brighter when placed under the Promolux specialty LED display lighting, making the displayed items more visible.

Dairy and meat accessories

These are accessories required for displaying meat, seafood and dairy products. They are designed with dairy case trays with leaks that prevent the liquid from the products spreading over to other parts. Most of these accessories are made of plastic material so they are durable, easy to clean and hygienic. The displayed products are elevated for adequate air circulation while being made prominent for enhanced customer viewing. These accessories respond well in a cold place keeping the meat and dairy products fresh for a prolonged period. Dairy and meat accessories look much more prominent and attractive when placed under specialty deli display case lighting.

Produce display bins

Produce display bins are ideal for showcasing fruits and vegetables. You can choose to have wooden or plastic bins. The wooden bins are best for displaying fresh vegetables as they give an impression of naturally growing vegetables in a wooden crate in the farm yard. Bins made with ABS plastic are best for showcasing fresh fruits. These bins are rust resistant and strong enough to withstand pressure from the weight of the products. Ensure that your produce looks more attractive by installing specialty produce display lighting.

Floral display cubes

Floral display cubes are essential for showcasing flowers on sale in a grocery store. It is advisable to buy the floral cubes made of polythene material for reliability and durability. These cubes make it easy for stylish flower displays as they have a molded in stocking and nesting feature. When using floral display cubes, it is advisable to install specialty floral display lighting in the flower section of the grocery store.

LED grocery lighting system

To ensure that the product displays in your grocery store are eye-catching, investing in a Promolux specialty LED food display lighting system is highly recommended. These lights are safe for use inside the store. Achieve prominent product display, reduced energy costs and increased food safety by using Promolux LED lighting.

How to Reduce Energy Consumption in your Grocery Store

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Reduced energy consumption can be achieved along with increased food safety by using a Promolux specialty LED lighting system. Normally, a grocery store consumes high energy levels due to the cooling and other lighting systems. The energy is essential in keeping products fresh and illuminating the entire room. The use of non-LED fluorescent lights results in high electricity bills that may bring down your grocery business if caution is not taken. In order to handle energy consumption effectively, it is important to replace the traditional lights with the LED lighting system. This does not only reduce energy consumption but drastically reduces maintenance cost. Below are practical tips on reducing energy consumption.

Install LED lighting in aisles and storage areas

Traditional fluorescent lights installed in the aisles and storage areas of the grocery store record high energy consumption. This lighting system emits heat that increases the cooling load leading to increased energy consumption. Replacement of these traditional lights with an LED system is highly recommended for reduced energy consumption. LED high and low bay lighting enhances the quality of floor level lighting while producing less heat. This lowers the room temperature hence low cooling energy consumption.

Use LEDs for refrigerated display cases

When running a grocery store, you need to have several refrigerators for cooling products. The use of other refrigerated display case lighting results in high cooling load due to the heat emitted. In addition, other fluorescent lights cause color change in meat making it to appear less fresh. However, this high energy consumption can be abated by making use of a Promolux specialty LED lighting system for refrigerated display cases. The energy efficient LEDs work well in colder temperatures with lowered cooling load that decreases energy consumption. Also, LEDs used in the display cases enhance the display of the products, encouraging customers to purchase.

Use LEDs for illumination

A lot of energy is consumed by lighting to highlight products and for adequate lighting on the sales floors and counters in the grocery stores. This energy consumption can be reduced by using LEDs for accent and directional lighting that enhances the customers’ shopping experience. In this case, you can consider installing LED display lights in strategic areas of the store to highlight products. For example, you can install LED pendants over the counters for illumination and track lights to make the products on the shelves visible. LEDs are energy savers providing adequate light while emitting less heat. In addition, the lights are safe for use as they do not produce ultraviolet radiation and other harmful elements.

Install LEDs in the parking lots and walkways

Lights in the parking lots and walkways remain on for an extended period of time for security reasons. In order to reduce energy consumption, it is advisable to replace the exterior fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LEDs. Installing LEDs that are compatible with energy controls such as dimmers and occupancy sensors helps in reducing energy consumption further. LEDs create a sense of security in your customers as they provide enough light to illumine the parking lots and walkways without power wastage.

The Importance of Quality Showcase Lighting in a Grocery Store

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If a grocery store showcase is dark and shadowy, the purpose of the display is defeated. Lighting manufacturers have options to help bring any food display case to life so that products are illuminated appropriately. Using the right showcase lighting can make a difference in presenting produce well.

Display case lighting

One of the most important sections of a grocery story is its meat display case. Selecting fluorescent bulbs may result in premature spoilage and alteration in smell, flavor, and color of the meat. Try using Promolux lighting for the best results in your grocery store showcase lighting. Certain products are extremely sensitive to the effects of light and may look less appetizing if the correct lighting solutions are not chosen. Use bulbs that are designed for true color definition and have a balanced visible spectrum.

Fruit and vegetable lighting

It can be difficult to please choosy customers that are selecting fruits and vegetables. Using display case lighting that attracts customers will help promote sales and reveal the true colors of the produce. Be especially conscientious in choosing lighting for organic items, as these products often look different from those that have had preservatives and sprays applied. Reduce product dehydration and shrinkage by selecting light that will not damage or cause products to prematurely spoil. Balanced spectrum lamps can promote extended shelf life for fruits and vegetables while showing off their true colors. Check that your lighting selections emit lower levels of UV radiation and heat, as these are also damaging to time sensitive products.

LED lighting

Increasingly, more grocers are choosing LED lighting in their showcases. Why is this option so popular? LED lighting:

  • Lasts longer than other choices, resulting in buying fewer bulbs over time
  • Fits standard light fixtures
  • Is not prone to breaking
  • Works well for decoration and creating special effects

The only major drawback in selecting LED bulbs is that they cost significantly more than fluorescent bulbs. There is hope that this cost will lessen as manufacturing technology improves, but they are currently an investment choice. LED bulbs also require that all electrical systems be up to date, however hopefully yours already are.


Consider the operation costs amassed within grocery stores when making your lighting choices. Electricity and maintenance can add up to a large expense. Luckily, technology has advanced and products like LED bulbs can help reduce this cost. In combination with such products, grocers can save up to 70% in energy costs by using lighting controls to improve the functionality of their business. These controls can be set so that displays are not unnecessarily illuminated when customers are not in the store.

Lighting choices are extremely important in a variety of grocery display cases. Not only are humans visual creatures, but also they expect high quality and fresh products. Take the time to make the right decision in your showcase lighting and you will see the benefits. Consider using Promolux specialty LED lighting and the impact you hope to make with your showcases when creating an appealing environment for your customers.

How to Prepare Your Grocery Store for Re-opening after a Cooling System Failure

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Specialty grocery lighting for refrigerated display cases works closely with the cooling system in keeping the products fresh and well presented. When these two systems are working perfectly, they lead to increasing sales and high profit returns. A failure of the cooling and lighting system is a nightmare that no grocery store owner would want to face. Once the cooling and lighting system fails, there is an increase in temperature that results in a rapid spoilage of perishable products. This brings the entire business to a standstill not forgetting the huge losses incurred. When this happens, the following steps are essential in preparing the store for re-opening as well as to prevent future lighting and cooling system failures.

Clear the products from the store

Clearing the products from the store is an important step that paves way for cooling and food display case lighting system repair. Here, gather all the decayed items and dispose of them appropriately and transfer the good fresh items to a safe cool place. It is advisable to leave the grocery store empty to facilitate proper cleaning to be done later.

Mold removal

A grocery cooling and food display lighting system failure will cause dampness, resulting in mold formation in the food display bins and shelves. You can consider hiring a mold removal company or have the employees perform the procedure using the right equipment. Mold removal is an important procedure that makes the bins, shelves and the entire building fit for food storage that is safe for human consumption. Remember to check for mold in the air ducts of the store.

Grocery carts, bins and shelves cleaning

The mold removal process should be followed by a thorough cleaning of the shopping carts, bins and shelves present in the grocery store. A high pressure hot water cleaning system is ideal for cleaning the carts, bins and shelves making them ready for use. If you do not have this cleaning system machine, you can hire one from a renowned provider or engage a professional cleaning agent to handle the procedure.

Cleaning the entire floor

Grocery store floor cleaning is a procedure that entails high pressure hot water and vacuum cleaning. This is a major procedure that eliminates any remaining mold and any water present in the store. Drying the store using a machine is highly recommended to prevent floor dampness issues. You can decide to perform do-it-yourself cleaning or hire a cleaning company to ensure thoroughness.

Cooling and lighting system repair

The repair process of the cooling and lighting system involves choosing the right display case lighting system. Identifying a reliable provider for the lighting system helps in preventing regrettable future system failures. Once the cooling system is back in place, install food safe display lights from Promolux Lighting. These specialty retail display lights are safe for perishable foods as they do not emit harmful radiation. In addition, they reduce the temperature in the display cases and cold bins leading to increased shelf life of the products.

Major Factors to Consider When Starting a Grocery Store

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When venturing into the grocery store business, it is important to note that most of the products are highly perishable. This presents a challenge of possible food spoils as well as stiff competition from other well-structured food supply chains. In order to succeed, you should come up with a well thought-out business plan that seeks to handle all the risks involved. Factors to be considered when starting a grocery store include the following

Product demand

Product demand is an important factor to consider for a profitable grocery store business venture. This involves thorough research to identify the essential products required by your target community. An accurate study on product demand helps in planning to stock fast moving products in your store. This lowers the probability of incurring losses brought about by mass item spoils. Remember that you can extend the shelf life of your products by using Promolux specialty retail lighting to keep the items on demand fresh for a prolonged period of time.

Assess the competition

Assessing the available competition should not discourage you but make your business plan accurate. This entails checking out the number of well established food supply chains within your target locality. Once you have identified the existing grocery stores, take note of the type and quality of products they have in stock. Identify the gaps in their businesses by taking note of what they are not doing, and planning to do it. In this case, identify the essential products needed by customers that are not stocked in their stores, identify gaps in their products display and take note of the cost of items. In order to beat the competition, draw up a plan to cater for the gaps identified. For example, plan for a wide variety of products not available in the major stores around, competitive pricing and use of high quality LED food display lighting system.

Product availability and cost

After a successful market analysis, develop a list of items that you need to stock in your grocery store. Then, ensure the availability of products from readily accessible suppliers and their cost. Make visits to local farms growing vegetables, fruits and other products. It is advisable to order products directly from the farms for a steady supply process and fair costs. For other consumable products, identify the most reliable wholesale supplier to partner with. This helps in making arrangements for steady products supply at costs that allow for competitive and wide profit margin prices.

Food display case lighting

Choosing the right display case lighting system for the grocery store increases chances for a booming business. This is a major factor that helps in promoting your products to the walk in customers. Promolux LED lighting systems enhance the visibility of the displayed products. These lights are safe for use on perishable foods while lowering the temperature hence keeping the products fresh for a longer period of time.

Advantages of Using Specialty LED Display Case Lighting in your Grocery Store

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Choosing your grocery store lighting system is an important process that can make or break your business. Installing the right lighting in the store can save you energy, increase product visibility and enhance the shelf life of the products. This leads to increased net profit gained and overall growth of the business. It should be noted that for a grocery store to run successfully, adequate energy supply is required. This is because most of the commodities are highly perishable and will need to be displayed in cool or cold display cases and refrigerator bins. Here are the top reasons for installing a specialty LED display case lighting in your grocery store.

Reduced running costs

Installing LED lighting reduces the overall running cost of the grocery store. It eliminates incidences of frequent bulb and lamp changing that lead to high cumulative expenditure. These lights have prolonged life compared to other ordinary ones.  Also, the lights are energy efficient and will drastically reduce the grocery store’s overall monthly electricity bills. Their energy consumption is minimal while keeping the products fresh. They are safe for use as they do not emit ultraviolet radiation that is harmful to perishable food products.

Prolonged product shelf life

An inferior lighting system can lead to increased temperatures, which are harmful to perishable products. Increased temperatures create moisture and humidity which allow for the fast growth of microorganisms responsible for rapid food decay. However, you can extend shelf life of your perishable products by using Promolux LED lamps in your food display cases. These lights maintain low temperatures which allow displayed food to stay fresh for a longer period.

Sustains natural nutritional value

An LED grocery lighting system does sustain the natural nutritional value of food substances. This makes the lights ideal for vegetables, natural juices and fruits. Also, the lights are best for use in meat and seafood cold bins as they do not lead to color change, flavor or smell of the meat. In fact, LEDs decrease the chances for bacterial growth that can initiate a premature decaying process in meats.

Enhanced display appearance

Using Promolux lamps in your grocery store is a solid promotional tactic for your products. For example, when vegetables and fruits are displayed under Promolux lighting, they appear fresher and brighter. This encourages customers to buy according to their list as well as impulse purchasing other items.

Hustle free grocery store operations

LED display case lighting promotes hustle free grocery store operations. Due to their long lasting nature, you do not have to chase after the supplier to provide free replacement services for bulbs and lamps as per the warranty. This gives both you and your employees the chance to concentrate on boosting product sales in the grocery store.