A Guide to Buying Lighting for Your Grocery Store

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Retail lighting, especially the lighting for a grocery store, has to be something different. It has to be top-shelf to reach clear to the bottom shelf and has to be bright without being overpowering. Grocery store lighting should cast light with highly accurate color while eliminating shadows and dark spots. Above all, the lighting has to be high quality but with minimal maintenance and low energy costs.

Let’s take a look at the types of lighting you should consider for installing in your grocery store.

Accent lighting

It is very important for a grocery store to highlight its products because it helps customers to make a decision about purchasing. Your displayed merchandise should look attractive and that can be done with good-quality accent lighting.

Properly installed accent lighting can make the color, texture, and shape of the displayed products clearly visible to the customers. Energy-saving fluorescent and LED accent lighting can bring out the best in your merchandise, which in turn will allure customers to purchase products and increase your store’s appeal while reducing operating costs and boosting sales.

Ambient lighting

Just like the accent lighting, ambient lighting is another important aspect for a grocery store. Accent lighting emphasizes on highlighting the products while ambient lighting makes the overall atmosphere comfortable and homely for the customers. The ambient lighting of a grocery store should act as a guide to the customers. The shoppers should not feel confused inside the store and the lighting should help customers pinpoint what they are looking for. The easier it is for customers to find their way and desired products, the more likely they are to walk around.

Display case lighting

The display case lighting is probably the most important lighting for your grocery store because your sales and bottom line depends on how attractive and fresh the produce, meat, and other items look. You should choose lighting that provides bright, uniform light but emits low heat and UV radiation. Promolux specialty display case lighting comes with a balanced spectrum, emits low heat and UV radiation, and delivers rich, vibrant color without fading or discoloring your products.

Exterior lighting

Just like the interior areas, the exterior of a grocery store is also important because it creates a good first impression on the potential customers. In fact, this could act as a deciding factor for a customer whether to enter your store or look into somewhere else. Site lighting should send a warm invitation to your customers to walk through the door. There should also be a well-lit, inviting parking lot to greet the shoppers.

Promolux offers a one-stop solution for various lighting needs for your grocery store. It sells both fluorescent and LED lighting that offers reliability, long life, and durability. The lights are also energy saving and cost-effective, saving your costs on maintenance and replacement.

Promolux lighting for food retail applications displays your products in their best, natural color without emitting much heat and harmful UV radiation and creates a comfortable environment for the shoppers.