Why High Quality Lighting is Essential for Your Grocery Store’s Food Display Cases

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There is nothing worse than a dark and shadowy food display case in your grocery store, which of course defeats the purpose of the display. Fortunately, lighting manufacturers present a variety of options for bringing your food display case to life. Whether you hope to show off meat and deli products, fresh produce, or seafood with display case lighting, making the right selection can make a large difference when trying to present the most attractive and long lasting products.

Meat display case lighting

One of the most important sections of a grocery story is its refrigerated meat display case. However, without the proper lighting, meat products will not sell as fast and will quickly lose freshness. Be wary of regular fluorescent bulbs. Such lighting can alter the smell, flavor, and color of meat and increase the rate of spoilage, thus reducing product sales.  Using the proper meat display case lighting, such as Promolux specialty lighting for retailers, will ensure increased shelf life and sales.

Deli display case lighting

Inferior display lighting in refrigerated supermarket cases can cause fading and discoloration in processed meats. Certain deli products, such as cooked ham, are extremely sensitive to the effects of light. This means that colors will fade and look less appetizing, simply due to the lighting choices made. The best deli display case lighting uses bulbs that are designed for true color definition and have a more balanced visible spectrum.

Produce display case lighting

Customers are, rightfully, very choosy in selecting produce that is visually appealing. This is especially true when opting for organic items, as they often look different from produce that has had preservatives and sprays applied to it during the harvesting process. In addition, radiation and heat from ordinary produce display case lighting can lead to product dehydration and shrinkage, increasing waste of unsold products. The following tips can help create produce display case lighting that attracts loyal customers:

  • Use light that reveals the true colors of the produce
  • Select lighting that will not damage or cause products to prematurely spoil
  • Choose balanced spectrum lamps to show off true, vibrant colors and extended shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Look for lighting that emits lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat
Seafood display case lighting

It would be foolish to overlook the importance of high quality lighting for the seafood display case. Do not make the mistake of putting just any lighting in this area. This is because fish and seafood tend to spoil faster than other meats. Grocers inadvertently reduce shelf life even further by using display lighting that emits too much heat. This causes the temperature to rise to unsafe levels, meaning the products will spoil and must be discarded. Selecting the right seafood display case lighting can save money and attract customers. Select lighting that uses safe spectrum technology, as this is the foundation for food safe lighting.

Lighting choices are extremely important in a variety of display cases. Not only are customers visual creatures, but they also expect high quality and fresh products. Take the time to make the right decision and you will see the benefits.

The Guide to Choosing the Right Lighting for Grocery Food Display

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Selling the right products is not enough for retailers nowadays. The way the products are displayed has become the key point of difference in enticing customers and increasing the profit margins. In most cases, customers judge the quality and freshness of products from their appearance.

It has now been well established that lighting can completely change the way fresh products and food items are displayed at the grocery stores. So, it is important to choose the right lighting for grocery store food display cases. It affects customers’ perception and purchasing behavior and in turn boosts sales in a retail environment.

What are the factors that you should consider before buying lighting for your grocery store food displays?

Food display lighting should emit less heat and UV radiation

Lights that emit heat and discharge UV radiation are not a good fit for food display because both heat and UV radiation are harmful to food products. Radiation and heat can decompose and discolor food items, leading to spoilage. So, the right food display lighting should emit less heat and UV radiation.

In addition, cooling costs make a significant share of grocery store outlay. So, it is counterproductive to use a lighting source that adds heat to your refrigerated space.

Food display lighting should have a balanced spectrum

If the lighting source renders fruits and other food products lifeless and the colors dull, it is going to be a tough sell to get customers for those products. The yellow or white spectrums of ordinary lights cause merchandise to look insipid and unappealing. Food display case lighting should be chosen with a balanced spectrum so that their illumination highlights the natural colors of food products.

Food display lighting should produce even illumination

Normal fluorescent lighting used in food display spreads illumination in all directions, creating shadows, hotspots, and glare spots, which distract the shoppers’ attention from food products to other spots. However, good display case lighting should provide directional and uniform illumination so that the products are more highlighted.

Why Promolux LED lighting is the perfect choice

The International Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology conducted a study that found that a majority of customers (85 percent) were willing to spend more time in a store if it is attractively colored and well lit. The respondents particularly mentioned that good lighting improved their shopping experience by helping them select the right products within a short time.

Installing Promolux LED lights for food display in grocery stores increases products’ appeal and reduces operating costs. Promolux LED lights can accurately reveal the original colors of food, making them look appealing.

Promolux LEDs produce less heat than other lighting sources and they also perform better and last longer in cooler locations. Incandescent and fluorescent light sources are a poor choice for grocery store refrigerated food lighting because they do not perform well or last longer in cool temperature.

Promolux LED lights, with their balanced spectrum and low level of heat and UV radiation, are better than regular supermarket fluorescent lamps and are perfect for any food display lighting project.

How Grocery Store Lighting can be Used as a Branding Tool

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Lighting can be an afterthought in the design of many offices and stores but it is the key to success in the retail industry. Lights are mostly used for purely functional purposes but they do much more in grocery stores.

Grocery store lighting can be a deciding factor in the sales and bottom line of a store. It has noteworthy impact on the potential customers. It can also play a significant role in creating the brand image of a store.

Is your brand cool and modern? Does it represent something vibrant and energetic? Does your brand boast of supplying only the fresh produce from the local firms? Does your brand only cater to a specific consumer category? Well, you can enhance your brand ideas with strategic lighting in your store. Lighting is a powerful tool that can imprint your brand on the mind of your customers like nothing else can.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, let’s see how grocery store lighting can be used as a branding tool.

Don’t get too fancy

Just don’t do it even if your brand ideas demand the lighting to be so. Lighting has its costs and fancy lighting may have a toll on your earnings and bottom line. So, always look for the cost-effective but good-quality alternatives that have longer lifespan and sustainability. In addition, something too fancy – whether it be lighting or decoration – does not create a good brand impression on modern-day consumers. So, choose lights that combine the value of their desired look with other variables.

Convey the message that reflects your brand

Maintaining a consistent, on-brand store atmosphere is one of the significant branding challenges and the right grocery store lighting can play a key role in achieving such an atmosphere. Lighting can help set a particular mood in your store, in line with the statement your company reflects. If there is any specific color scheme involved in the brand of your company, lighting can help reflect that. Perfect grocery lighting can also deliver the message that you want to convey to the potential customers. In a word, if used skillfully, lighting can protect the integrity of a company’s brand image.

Choose color adaptable lights

Sales drive a grocery store and things that drive sales are fresh produce, meat, and other products displayed on their cases with their freshest and most appealing look. Products will jump off the rack and into the hands of your customers when those tomatoes look like red cherries, flowers look like they are just nipped off, vegetables like green emeralds and meat look bright red.

Protecting the safety and highlighting the freshness of products is vital for building a brand image for a grocery store. LED lights are very good in color adaptability while most of other light sources may require colored filters.

Promolux grocery store lighting is the best option that you can choose for creating a brand image of your grocery store. The lights are available in practical and functional designs that can show your products in their best condition.