Superior LED Lighting for your Grocery Store

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When you evaluate your grocery store as a place to shop, you need to understand that the main criterion of value used by your customers is the quality of fresh foods. Grocery stores are now spending greater amounts of money to stock the freshest products available to them from local and overseas suppliers. At the same time, they are also investing in state of the art refrigerated display cases to exhibit these fresh food items.

However, it is surprising that, despite investing heavily in sophisticated display cases and high quality food products, grocery stores continually incur sizeable losses due to premature product drying, discoloring and wilting. There is an unnecessary amount of shrinkage that takes place and, if this is not immediately addressed, will greatly diminish the quality of your grocery store in the minds of your customers.

Regular display case lighting, which is used in the majority of grocery stores, emits a high amount of ultraviolet radiation within the case. This radiation from the bright, glaring light causes perishables to spoil faster and can cost the grocery store owner thousands of dollars per year in lost revenue and food waste.

LED lighting, such as the lighting produced and sold by Promolux LED, has been proven to extend the shelf-life of sensitive food. Under such lighting, perishable food products such as fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer periods of time. Other improvements in the quality of your fresh merchandise when using Promolux’s LED solutions include longer bloom in your red meat products and the pastries in your baked goods department staying moist longer.